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No matter the size of the case, we will fight for you to obtain a just outcome. Our reputation for being aggressive and unafraid of litigation and trial has helped us secure settlements and verdicts for our clients far exceeding the initial offers. The Schneider Injury Law difference is that we do not work up cases with settlement in mind; instead, we work up every case for trial to prove we are serious about getting full recovery in our cases. And that formula has worked, as demonstrated by our results. Since 2018, Schneider Injury Law has obtained nearly $12 million in compensation for our clients.

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$5,500,336 Jury Verdict, Brain Injury Premises Liability + $1.05M Attorney's Fee Award: Laguerre v. Cajun Contractors (DeKalb County) In a case against a construction company where a 8 feet long metal pipe fell from a hotel rooftop 60 feet above the street and hit our client in the head, causing him to suffer a permanent traumatic brain injury, a jury awarded $5,500,336.00 against the construction company. A big wrinkle in the case was that our client was not diagnosed with a concussion and mild traumatic brain injury until more than 3 years after the incident. Throughout the entirety of the case, the construction company denied that they were at fault and blamed the hotel for the lack of safety precautions on the job site. The jury disagreed and assigned 100% fault to the construction company. The jury awarded $5,000,000 in compensatory damages and $500,336 in punitive damages. Click Here for the Daily Report Article.

$1,000,000 Policy Limits Settlement, Brain Injury Premises Liability: In the case above, the hotel settled for its policy limits of $1,000,000 on the day before trial. The hotel had denied liability up to that point, pointing the finger at the construction company against whom we ultimately a $5,500,336 verdict at trial.

$1,051,800 Jury Verdict, Car Wreck with Neck Surgery: Montague v. Herrera (Fulton County) 3-day trial in a 2014 rear-end collision that necessitated neck surgery 2 years later. The defense denied fault because there was no police report and disputed that the wreck had caused our client's injuries. The jury disagreed and assigned 100% fault to the defendant driver and awarded damages for medical expenses and past and future pain and suffering. Our claim for attorney’s fees is currently pending.

Confidential Settlement, Brain Injury Premises Liability
Confidential Settlement, Hospital Fall Case

$500,000 Excess Settlement in Florida Boating Accident Case: After the insurance company initially rejected our $100,000 policy limits demand pre-suit, we filed our lawsuit alleging negligence of boat owner/operator for foot and ankle injuries suffered by our client. The insurance company accepted our demand for $400,000 over policy limits after the depositions of the parties and several witnesses were taken, which demonstrated the fault of the boat owner/operator.

$275,000 Policy Limits Settlement, Motor Vehicle Collision, Non-Surgical Neck Injury: After a $27,000 offer pre-suit, we were referred the case to litigate. We filed suit in Douglas County and worked the case up through discovery, finding out that the driver who ran the red light and collided with our client was on the phone at the time of the collision. The defense tendered its policy limits without us even sending a demand.

Confidential Six-Figure Settlement, Sexual Assault: With proof of a PTSD diagnosis, a company settled a claim for its employee groping our client who was delivering a cargo load to the facility. There were rumors this employee had assaulted another woman prior to assaulting our client. We were unable to obtain an arrest warrant for the employee after a full day hearing in Clayton County court. Our client was ecstatic to see justice served and hoped that this would prevent the employee from assaulting anyone else.

$150,000 Settlement for Spouse of TBI Client: After obtaining the $5.5M verdict in Max Laguerre's case for his permanent traumatic brain injury, we brought the loss of consortium claim for his spouse who had suffered the loss of their marriage because of the contractor's negligence. After family members testified in depositions about the effect of Mr. Laguerre's injuries on his spouse and their marriage, the defendant accepted our Offer of Settlement.

$138,000 Settlement, Premises Liability, Multiple Hip Fractures, Non-Surgical: After no offers from Kroger, we were hired to assist with litigation. Our appearance at the mediation led to an offer that was more than 4x the medical specials, which was able to resolve the case.

$125,000 Settlement, Hit-And-Run, Shoulder Injury Requiring Surgery: After a complete denial of liability pre-suit, we were referred this case to litigate. After filing the lawsuit and receiving discovery responses showing defendant's driver was at the scene at the time of the wreck, we sent an offer of settlement, which was promptly accepted.

$110,000 Settlement, Car Wreck: At the conclusion of discovery in the case, with a claim for punitive damages against the company for multiple safety violations of the driver and a treating doctor supporting a permanent debilitating injury, the company’s insurance company paid $110,000 (30x the medical bills) for a torn rotator cuff of our 85 year-old client. Link to article.

$101,000 Policy Limits Settlement, Premises Liability (Dog Bite): After the deposition of the dog owner proving that he was not holding the dog’s leash and knew about the history of a prior attempted attack by his dog, the homeowner’s insurance company paid its policy limits, which were 33x our client’s medical bills. Link to article.

$100,000 Policy Limits Settlement, Car Wreck: After filing the lawsuit in a disputed liability case with proof of a surgical recommendation, the insurance company tripled their pre-suit offer and paid the policy limits, which were more than double our client’s medical bills.

Confidential Settlement, Medical Malpractice: Wrong-sided surgery necessitating an additional surgery with medical records demonstrating the doctor tried to conceal the mistake.

Confidential Settlement, Premises Liability

$44,189.00 Jury Verdict, Car Wreck: In Padgett v. Cantrell (Cherokee County), after a 3 day trial, the jury returned a verdict against the Allstate driver for more than double our client’s medical bills and 15x the pre-suit offer of $3,000.

Settlement, Car Wreck: After deposing the at-fault driver and discovering she was under the influence of multiple medications while driving, with the threat of punitive damages looming, the insurance company accepted a demand that was more than 3x our client’s medical bills.

Settlement, Premises Liability: After obtaining a default judgment against the defendant hotel, the hotel paid double the medical bills for a trip and fall on the hotel’s driveway.

Policy Limits Settlement, Car Wreck: During litigation, with the threat of punitive damages against the at-fault driver who had been in multiple other motor vehicle collisions, the insurance company accepted a policy limits demand for double our client’s medical bills.

Policy Limits Settlement, Car Wreck: With a thorough, persuasive demand letter, we obtained a policy limits settlement, which was 1.5x our client’s medical bills.

Settlement, Pedestrian Injury: After a low-ball pre-suit offer, once we filed the lawsuit on behalf of our client whose foot was fractured when run over by the defendant, the insurance company paid nearly 4x our client’s medical bills.

Confidential Settlement, Emotional Distress to Disabled Person: With a thorough, persuasive demand letter, we obtained a pre-suit settlement with an airline who had damaged our client’s wheelchair and delayed repairing/replacing it for 4 months, leaving our client home-bound for that time.

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