$50+ million compensation
    for our clients since 2018

    2024 $7M jury verdict

    2019 $5.5M jury verdict +
    $1.05M attorney's fee award

    2022 $2M settlement

    2021 $1.5M excess settlement

    2021 $1.325M settlement

    2023 $1.2M jury verdict

    2020 $1.05M jury verdict

    2019 $1M settlement

    2022 $1M settlement

    2023 $680k settlement

    2023 $650k settlement

    2023 $625k settlement

    2021 $625k settlement

    2021 $625k settlement

    2020 $550k settlement

    2020 $500k excess settlement

    2023 $500k excess settlement

    2023 $500k settlement

    2023 $500k settlement

    2020 $500k settlement

    2022 $500k settlement

    2023 $495k settlement

    2023 $415k settlement


    We keep the case count low so
    we can stay focused on you. From the first introductory meeting, we aim to make you feel like more than a client - more like family. We give you our cell phone numbers and emails so that you can reach us 24/7. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of client service. Unlike some other law firms where you only communicate with case managers, you will always have direct access to the attorney and firm owner - Bethany.


    “Bethany is a delight to work with
    and will fight for you”

    Former Client

    “Bethany was like an angel to me.”

    Former Client

    “Bethany listened to my concerns & quickly got me the help that I needed. The case was settled in no time!”

    -Former Client

    “From the very first conversation I almost forgot they were lawyers the way they listened, and made me feel as though my case was their only priority. They were extremely efficient and responsive to every inquiry I presented. ”

    Former Client

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    You pay nothing unless and until
    we recover for you.

    Schneider Injury Law

    Is Here to Help.

    In a moment, your life can change forever. Suffering a personal injury as a result of another’s negligence should not be done alone. When medical bills, lost income, pain, and emotional anguish pile up, Schneider Injury Law is here to help. We will be your advocate and your champion after suffering a bodily injury at the hands of another.

    Fortunately, the legal system allows injured people to seek compensation to help them recover from accidents that were not their fault. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of such an incident, an experienced Georgia personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the court system while ensuring that your rights are protected and your interests are preserved. At Schneider Injury Law, we focus on getting you the compensation you deserve so that you can concentrate on your own recovery. We thoroughly prepare and dedicate ourselves to your case.

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    Whether in a courtroom, at a deposition, in a mediation or negotiating with an insurance adjuster, at Schneider Injury Law, we use our extensive litigation experience to maximize the results for our clients. Insurance companies and defense lawyers know that we will aggressively pursue justice – inside and outside the courtroom.



    Why Schneider Injury Law?

    Experience + Success

    When hiring a personal injury attorney, you want to know you have an experienced lawyer on your side.  A 2019 $5.5 million dollar verdict is just one example of how our trial experience at Schneider Injury Law has helped our clients achieve full and fair justice in their cases.  But to Schneider Injury Law achieving success means more than simply winning your case.  To us, success means guiding you through the process with compassion and respect; providing exceptional service and communication; and ultimately helping you move past the pain—and move forward with your life.

    Our firm handles a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout Georgia and Florida.  We are a boutique trial firm, and we do not advertise.  That means you will always get personal attention from us, and your case will never be just a file number to us.  We seek to build lasting relationships with you and your family no matter the dollar value of your case.

    A True Trial Lawyer with Heart

    Bethany Schneider founded Schneider Injury Law after many years trying high-stakes personal injury and wrongful death cases for huge corporations because she felt called to represent individuals who have been hurt or killed as a result of the wrongdoing of others. Schneider Injury Law has built a reputation with insurance adjusters and defense counsel for being aggressive and fearless. This reputation, combined with relentlessness and thorough work product, has led us to obtain successful outcomes in numerous cases.

    What about that colorful cat logo? Schneider Injury Law’s logo is a Lioness. The lioness is a symbol for strength, courage, justice and motherly protection. Lionesses are independent, fierce, loyal and agile. They are the primary hunters of the pride and are highly protective of their young. Lionesses are pivotal to the prosperity, growth and survival of the pride. Schneider Injury Law’s motto “Compassionate Counselor + Tough Advocate” was developed with the Lioness inspiration in mind. Schneider Injury Law seeks to embody the Lioness and live out its motto in the representation of every client and in every case.

    The sooner you contact us at Schneider Injury Law, the sooner you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. We look forward to speaking with you.

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